Saint Gilles and Pilgrim



Today, a large part of the way of St Jacques is classified world heritage by UNESCO, and the thousands of pilgrims cross these paths every year.

The Hotel restaurant Saint Gillois is a perfect stopover for pilgrims, walkers, hikers and cyclists.

Saint-Gilles is located on the road to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle from Arles, via Egidiana or via Tolosana. The city constitutes the first stage of this route (the GR 653) which crosses the south of France for nearly 950 kilometers from Arles to Punta-la Reina, the meeting point of the four French roads. This first stage covers 21.7 kilometers through the landscapes of the Camargue.

Arrival in Saint-Gilles takes place after crossing the Petit Rhône by the road bridge. We then go up the suburbs and the canal district, via the abbey church, an obligatory point of passage for pilgrims in search of ""spirituality"".

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